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Dear Business Partner,


We would like to briefly inform you about the situation after regrettable coup attempt on Friday, July 15th in Turkey.



On the evening of July 15th, a small fraction within the Turkish Armed Forces tried to engage in a coup, particularly in Ankara and İstanbul. Throughout the process all the political parties and the Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Turkish business community, Turkish civil society, media and the people of Turkey stood firmly behind the Turkish democracy, the Constitution, Turkey’s democratic politics and her democratic institutions.  



We strongly believe that Turkey and Turkish democracy will emerge reinforced by this incident.


All main functions, all institutions and stakeholders of the commercial life returned to normal condition throughout the country. Even this week operations have started in line with initial plans without any interruption in customs procedures, import and export operations and banking system.



We do not expect any further risk and will continue to keep our commitments to our customers as planned.



We will always be at your disposal for any question or further clarification.


Sincerely yours,


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